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Mustard Seed Comics was founded in the year 2000, by Benito. Named and Inspired by ‘The faith Of a Mustard Seed’, from the Bible, Mustard Seed Comics strives to bring GOD, (Lord & Creator of  Mankind and all things) in all of it’s Titles. We believe in putting GOD first in all that we do and giving him the glory at all times. All titles released from our company, are written, drawn & expressed with total honesty from it’s creators, making our works true to the creators thoughts, avoiding commercialism. We believe in the truth of creation, the Artist’s original vision. Most companies avoid this to stick to formulas that suit the masses, they think, but what happens is what we call the (DOOM OF REPETITION!). Where every product you buy is BIG corporations who thrive on spoon feeding the public what they think is best for them.  Not us, NOT Mustard Seed Comics, , All our books  are creator owned, and pure. We do not produce pornography, or titles deliberately offensive to any culture,or persons, but in the context of the story and dialogue, attempt to accurately display  the views that are expressed openly in real life, so that the reader can see that though our titles be fantasy, they are as close to reality in terms of content and execution. We hope that our readers will always know that when Mustard Seed Comics releases a book, it’s more than just a book, it’s an experience.

Founded on Faith, and Established on Trust!

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Early Sai Sai Lee Character Pose Early Katrina Character Animation The Dream to bring the Ultimate Fighting Game to life! Early Dragon Cookie Stage – Early Bride of the Wolf Stage

We all dream, sometimes there’s that really BIG dream you have to bring to life, no matter the cost, Well this is the ultimate for me, and that’s to bring Gates of God (Fighting game) to life. I’ve had this idea for years, and have been working on it in my spare time, Unlike the comic books, this may be TOO BIG for one man to do alone. On each side of the text and below are some samples of the game that I’ve worked on so far, it’s rough, so don’t be cruel, but I’m happy with the progress, and maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll see this dream come true.  

The Man behind ALL of the Creations of Mustard Seed Comics On the Horizon for Mustard Seed Comics

Finally finished Devil Whip, The third installment of the Katrina the teen Vampire series, only one more book to go and this story will be complete. You can purchase it from our site now! It’s been a long three years since I put out my last book, The Servant, Rise of Atlantis, I created the Wayfarer series on YouTube, and Scream N’ Terror series, I’ve struggled with my own personal Demons, and have overcome them to emerge clearer, and determined to Push Mustard Seed Comics from being an independent company to a house hold name, That being said,.. Time to go back to work.

Where do I begin?.. It’s been a dream of mines to honor The Creator, or Creators, by sharing my gifts with everyone. I don’t expect everyone to like me, or my books, or to get the deep messages that I implant in all that I do, but I know a lot of people will. For those who never met me, but have heard me on my YouTube Channels, The Wayfarer or Scream N Terror Reviews, I come off rough, obnoxious, perverted, etc, But in truth, I’m just expressing my self UNCUT, As I do in my work. Most people are NEVER honest with themselves or others, but tend to try to appeal to a code of conduct that is dishonest and only conceals their truth and motives for a acceptable response. I myself choose to be straight forward, honest, and hope that if anything, you get my truth.


There are many ways to reach us, but to simplify,

Phone numbers: (706) 449-4215 or (706) 699-7004 Emails: benitomsc@yahoo.com , mail@mustardseedcomics.com, mustardseedcomics@yahoo.com , mustardseedcomics@gmail.com

Interested Film Studios and Financial Partners may reach out to us here: mail@mustardseedcomics.com,

Submissions: (The Rules to Follow are Below! READ FIRST!

Many of our titles are created by our publisher and president, Benito, but that does not mean we will not produce or publish original content from others, so if you truly believe in your work or material? And desire for it to be published from us, send copyrighted materials to email:  mail@mustardseedcomics.com. Please allow a few weeks for a response, but rest assured, we will get right back to you.

Before you send your materials to us, please consider that we are a American Manga company, we don’t produce pornography, or any deliberately offensive property to any race, or culture or peoples, etc. We believe in honest and entertaining materials, truthful expressions of art, not works of evil, any such materials We will reject on site!


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