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The Grandma Trigger & Mr.T Show, we have revised some episodes, complete with new intro and Youtube Channel Enjoy! And have loads of laughs and Please subscribe.

The Grandma Trigger & Mr.T Show  (Also Grandma Trigger Versus Series is Below!)

Have a Ton of laughs with The Grandma Trigger Versus Series! See her fight some of your favorite Super heroes, in this totally outrageous seven episode extravaganza!

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E12 - Featuring (Deadpool)



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GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E11 - Featuring (Captain Kirk & Spock)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E10 - Featuring (Dragon Cookies)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E09 - Featuring (Vampire Teen Katrina)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E08 - Featuring (Papa Smurf & Yoda)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E08 - Featuring (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E06 - Featuring ( Kratos & Conan the Barbarian)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E05 - Featuring (The Mighty Thor )

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E04 - Featuring (Darth Vader)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E03 - Featuring (Optimus Prime)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E02 - Featuring (Green Lantern - Sinestro)

GRANDMA TRIGGER - S1E01 - Featuring (Duke and Cobra Commander)

Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees Versus Grandma Trigger

Man of Steel - Superman Versus Grandma Trigger

Spiderman - Aunt May Versus Grandma Trigger

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Versus Grandma Trigger

Child's Play - Chucky Versus Grandma Trigger

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Versus Grandma Trigger

The Smurfs Versus Grandma Trigger

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