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Any inquiries, proposals, investments, Business ventures, etc. Email us at: mustardseedcomics22@gmail.com

As of now, this will be the ONLY way to reach me, until I have confirmed that you are you, and a reliable contact, and trustworthy of any business or communications. Unfortunately this is due to Hackers, Who hacked our website, demanding bitcoin, eventually we had to take it down for almost two years, and only recently has been put back on the web, and this happened long before the gaming company, Capcom was hacked! It was an Asian group who prayed upon easy targets they felt they could get quick money from. It never worked and they got nothing from me. So please understand these precautions are in place  due to the crazy world we live in, where individuals who are evil and desperate, looking for quick money and easy targets.

Thank you for understanding, and feel free to contact me any time.




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Email: mustardseedcomics22@gmail.com

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